Nigel Shaw Costume Designs is based in Sydney, Australia
Nigel began designing and making costumes back in 1995.
Coming from a background of dance, Nigel has the advantage over his peers. Taking all of his knowledge on movement and restriction aspects into account when designing costumes, he has an expertise which allows him to meet an individual client's needs and create a custom garment to order, whilst possessing a talent for envisaging unique looks and creating completely original production show costumes for entire casts. 
Nigel is internationally renowned for his attention to detail and for incorporating elaborate hand finishing details on each and every one of his costumes, regardless of the size of the job. 

Nigel is in demand, not only for the quality of the stunning costumes he creates, but also for price, delivering the goods on time and within budget.
He has a wonderful team at his workshop in Leichhardt, Sydney who assist him in creating outstanding work for every client. 
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